Workshops, Retreats & Lifestyle

Life itself is yoga for me. Time on the yoga mat creates space to deepen into life with an honest, true and intimate meeting with myself. It makes time to listen inwardly and space to let go of all sense of pressure, ambition and result. 

With deep knowledge about, and experience of, exploring the different yogaforms of Hatha, Yin and Restorative, Pranayama and Meditation I am grateful for the trust to guide and support you to open your body, your soul and all your senses. With nature as my source and my guide I inspire you to a healthy and heartfelt lifestyle through yoga and ayurveda. 

Yoga is and can be everything; music & silence, intense & peaceful, soft & challenging, small movements & wide expansions. Some of my classes are powerful and flowing, others more soft and rejuvenating. What binds them all together is that they create balance and harmony in body, mind and soul. When you are with me on the mat I support your journey, your response and your intimate experience… as it if your unique journey that carries all the wisdom needed. I hold the space and offer the opportunity for you to to become close with and expand to the exact places you wish, in a loving and safe way. 

This approach makes my retreats a fulfilling time full of wonderful experiences where deep strength, relaxation and rest is found.